Bobber 200


The Bobber 200 is a Light Hotspot and will mine HNT cryptocurrency by witnessing, beaconing and transferring LoRaWAN data. Welcome to the new generation of Helium Mining.




Bobber Miner 200

Bobber Miner 200 is a member of a new generation of Helium-compatible gateways that mine HNT by witnessing, beaconing, and sending LoRaWAN traffic. The Bobber 200 won’t need to store a copy of the blockchain internally and won’t experience syncing problems because it is a Light Hotspot.

Additionally, it won’t have relay problems, which makes mining HNT more dependable. It is currently awaiting the Manufacturing Compliance Committee and the Helium Foundation’s final audit and approval.

The Helium blockchain has operated only on the physical Hotspot (such as the Bobcat Miner 300) itself since the genesis block. Each Hotspot operating a full node has growing stress as the blockchain network expands, and as a result of the rising computing demands, it is beginning to go out of sync.

The consensus effort for the Hotspot has been transferred from physical Hotspots to Validators in order to counteract this. As a result, the architecture is made simpler and we are able to exponentially expand the Network while maintaining the stability of blocktimes and epochs.

Bobber Miner 200 For Sale

Light Hotspots will use a lot less bandwidth than they did in the past because they won’t have to sync and maintain a copy of the blockchain.

At first, you have to wait 3-6 months to get your HNT miner because the manufacturers only make them in batches based on how many orders were placed. We place large bulk orders of Bobber Miner 200 with the manufacturers every three months so we can offer on demand order fulfillment to our customers.

Most crypto mining companies do NOT accept credit and debit cards for two reasons the first being credit card fraud. It’s very common for customers to order an expensive miner and after they receive the product they call their bank to issue a fraudulent chargeback. It’s also fairly common for customers to use stolen credit card information to buy expensive mining equipment.

Bobber 200 Helium 5G Hotspot For Sale

The second reason we prefer crypto payment is costs, contrary to what some crypto critics say, credit/debt cards cost a lot more in transaction fees. Here is a cost comparison based on our average transaction size:

It typically takes 24 hours for an in-stock order to ship out from one of our warehouse.

We offer free worldwide shipping on all orders over $1000. Once your order has shipped, we will send you a shipment confirmation email.

US & Canada – Orders will be shipped express mail (3-5 business days)
Europe – Orders will be shipped express mail (5-7 business days)
International – Orders will be shipped standard air (7-10 business days)

When you receive your shipment, please inspect all packages for items such as power supplies, manuals, and cables, or any applicable accessories for the Bobber Miner 200 ordered.

Please be sure to save the box, the outer shipping carton (when applicable) and all packing material, in the unlikely event that you’ll need it for a return shipment. Any damage during shipment must be handled by the customer with the carrier directly. Carrier may request to inspect the item upon receipt of a claim. Bobber 200 Helium 5G Hotspot For Sale

Bobcat Miner 200

When a Bobcat Miner 300 arrives and is plugged up and connected to the internet, it will automatically download the Light Hotspot software upgrade.

Since this work has been transferred to Validators, Light Hotspots no longer provide difficulties. Hotspots will continue to be essential to Proof-of-Coverage because they will send and witness Beacons, as well as provide the majority of the Proof-of-Coverage incentives for each epoch.

After May 3, 2022, when light hotspot (Bobber Miner 200) is implemented on the Mainnet, full hotspots on the Helium blockchain will no longer pose PoC problems.

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North America (US915), Europe (EU868), South Korea (KR920), Southeast Asia (AS923)


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